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Table of Contents
Complete College Course PFP Table of Contents
General Section Template
Credit Card Template
Tax Planning Template
Insurance Template
Financial Statements Template
Other Items
Retirement Planning Template
Grading Key
Complete Personal Financial Plan A (2007)
Complete Personal Financial Plan A (2012)
Complete Personal Financial Plan B
Financial Calculator Tutorial
Budget Balance Sheet and Income Statements
Investment Plan Example
Investment Plan Example Instructions
Retirement Planning Needs
Using Morningstar to Select Funds
Tithing Share Transfer Example
Debt Amortization and Prepayment
Key Sources of Financial Information
Maximum Mortgage Payments for LDS
Excel Financial Calculator
Investment Process Spreadsheet
Utah Advance Health Care Directive
Possible Benchmarks for Investment Plans
A Risk Tolerance Test
Portfolio Attribution Example
Credit Card Repayment Spreadsheet
Home Loan Comparison with Prepayment and Refinancing
Debt Elimination Spreadsheet with Accellerator
Family - Key Questions on Money and Relationships
Lease Versus Buy Analysis
Return Simulation for Asset Classes 2011
Loan Calculation Method Comparison
Retirment Planning Ratio Forecasts
After Tax ETY and after Inflation Returns
Expected Return Simulation and Benchmarks 2011
Roth versus Traditional - Which is Better?
Calculating Life Insurance Needs
Setting Up and Using Quicken 2012
Personalizing the Category List
Setting up your Budget 2012
Creating your Financial Statements
Using Web Connect 2012
Printing a One Year Spending Plan
Debt Free Planned Spending Spreadsheet Unlocked
Debt Free Planned Spending Spreadsheet Insructions and FAQs
Taxes on Security Earnings including Qualified Dividends
Calculating After -Tax Security Returns