Recent Website Updates

As part of our efforts to provide clear, principles-based, and updated information, we have completed three major activities.

First, we have finalized the new website.  This format is easier to understand, follow, and should help users get more out of the website.  I appreciate so much the help of the wonderful staff at BYU's Center for Teaching and Learning for all their thought, help, guidance, and counsel.  It is a much better product because of their work.

Second, we have updated all eight personal finance manuals for August 2013 including all tax, investment, retirement, and estate planning information.  This is our sixth edition of this material, and we appreciate all the comments and help that have brought it to where it is today.  Thank you for your help and support.

Third, we have been working closely with the professionals at MoneyWise Financial Workshops.  Those materials have also been updated for 2013 and are now available on this website under the intermediate lessons.  We strongly encourage their use.

Thank you for your consideration and use of this website.  If there are other things you would like to see in this location, please contact the webmaster at  We are trying to be a consistent, unbiased and valuable resource to those looking to understand personal finance from a correct and principles-based perspective.