Introduction to the Course


The purpose of this intermediate presentation on personal finance is to help you understand that personal finance is not separate from, but simply part of, the gospel of Jesus Christ. This lesson covers six chapters.  Our goal is to give you a broad introduction to the many different areas of personal finance, with the hope that you will continue your study to understand better the topics covered in this lesson.  The topics are:

1. Understanding Financial Principles - Setting Priorities
2. Financial Freedom - Living Beneath your Means
3. Saving and Investing: Achieving Financial Independence
4. Tax and Long-term Planning - Key Issues
5. Major Purchases and Buying on Credit - The Home and Auto Decision
6. Having Adequate Insurance - Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

Each lesson should take about an hour to read and an hour to watch the video.  I encourage you to fill out the Eight Priorities worksheet as you read and work on setting goals in each area.


Lesson Manual

Click here for the free online manual for these lessons (PDF).



These videos were recorded in Februay 2013 at the BYU Investment Banking Bootcamp where the MoneyWise seminars are taught twice a year. 

The video for each section can be found in its respective chapter.


Other Materials

In addition to the materials for each chapter, the following materials will be useful during the course of these workshops:

MoneyWise Packet Day 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)

MoneyWise Packet Day 2 (Chapters 3 & 4)

MoneyWise Packet Day 3 (Chapters 5 & 6)

Eight Financial Priorities Outline