Advanced Lessons

Complete College Course

This is the most comprehensive and advanced of the lessons on this website.  This lesson covers 35 chapters and covers all the material discussed in the Finance 418 Financial Planning course taught at the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. 

Young Married/Single Adult Course

This lesson discusses the key principles and application for Young Married and Single Adults.  It covers the topics most relevant to Young Adults, and uses 23 of the chapters used in the Complete College Course.

Returned Missionary Course

Transitioning from the mission field to regular every-day life involves learning about your finances. Learn about finance, managing credit, and forms of insurance.

Advanced Investing Course

This manual discusses stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. In these chapters, learn the principles of building a successful "sleep-well" portfolio.

Retirement Planning Course

If you're facing retirement, check out these chapters on the basics of retirement finances, social security, and the qualifications for certain retirement plans.