4. Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Learning Outcomes

This section focuses on the following six areas of  tax planning:
A.  Understand the principles of tax planning
B.  Understand the importance of tax planning and how it helps attain your personal goals
C.  Understand the Tax Process
D.  Understand strategies to help lower your taxes (legally and honestly)
E.  Understand the Major Tax Features of the US Tax System

Chapter Reading

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Slide Presentation

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Here are the assignments for "Tax Planning"



The following learning tools may be helpful with this chapter:

  • Federal Tax Planning Worksheet (TT39) - This spreadsheet helps you calculate your Federal Taxes, including calculating your taxable income and refundable and non-refundable credits.
  • Tithing Share Transfer Example (TT08) - This document is an example of how to pay your tithes and offerings in appreciated securities (securities which are worth more than you paid for them).  By using appreciated securities to make charitable contributions, you get full credit for the value of the securities and do not have to pay taxes on the income or capital gains.
  • Tithing Share Transfer DRS Instructions (TT08A) - This document helps explain the process of donating securites to pay your charitable contributions.
  • Taxes on Security Earnings including Qualified Dividends (TT32) - This document helps explain taxes on security earnings and how different assets and earnings are taxed differently.  It also helps you determine if a stock's dividend is qualified, i.e., does it receive the preferential tax rate?
  • PFP Tax Section Template - This is the Template for your Tax Plan as part of your Personal Financial Plan


Additional Materials